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Unlock the Outdoors: How the Eagles Nest Outfitters Housefly Rain Tarp Transforms Hammock Camping

Unlock the Outdoors: How the Eagles Nest Outfitters Housefly Rain Tarp Transforms Hammock Camping
eno house fly rain tarp

Properties and Descriptions

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Housefly Rain Tarp is built to protect you from the weather during hammock camping. It measures 10 feet 6 inches by ten feet, so it’s big enough for good coverage that will keep you dry and sheltered. The fabric of this tarp is tough and water-resistant, with a 1,000-millimeter PU coating that keeps rain out better than most.


A number of things set the Housefly Rain Tarp apart, but one of the biggest features is its versatility. Overlapping doors can be configured in several different ways depending on what kind of weather you’re in. They can be tied back in milder conditions to allow airflow through or closed completely when it’s pouring down rain outside so that no moisture gets in at all — not even snowflakes!

User-Friendly Setup

Even if you’ve never been hammock camping before, setting up this Eno tarp is easy because they designed it with user convenience in mind: lots of guy points! Every time someone sets up their tent or this tarp, they get a little bit better at finding those perfect angles where everything stays tight and secure all night long (even if there are many nights). Lightweight aluminum stakes are included along with reflective guylines for stability and visibility during low-light hours.

Weight and Portability

You won’t have any trouble packing the Housefly away either because it only weighs 27 ounces! Just stuff it into its sack, then throw that sucker into your backpack without even noticing extra weight added onto your shoulders as you climb mountains or hike through forests full of beautiful scenery waiting just around every bend! Despite being so light, though (which often leads people to think something might not last too long), rest assured knowing that these materials were chosen specifically for their ability to withstand years upon years’ worth of seasons’ worth of use and abuse in various environments worldwide.

With the Eagles Nest Outfitters Housefly Rain Tarp in your camping arsenal, you’ll be able to take on any adventure that comes your way. Stay comfortable and dry no matter what the weather throws at you by adding this must-have gear item to your backpack today!

Why Choose ENO Housefly Rain Tarp for Your Next Adventure?

Why Choose ENO Housefly Rain Tarp for Your Next Adventure?

The Complete Guide to ENO Housefly Rain Tarp Features

Durability & Materials

The ENO Housefly Rain Tarp is made from high-quality ripstop nylon fabric with a PU coating which protects against heavy weather. This material is tear-proof and waterproof so it can withstand even the hardest downpours or windstorms without ripping apart. It’s also seam-sealed thus making it more durable than any other tarps in the market today – perfect for those who love spending time outdoors!

Versatility of Use

For a new camper or an experienced one, there is something about this tarp that sets itself apart from others – versatility! Its doors overlap each other, allowing adjustment depending on what Mother Nature has in store at that particular moment, thereby making it most adaptable under different surroundings. Besides being used during hammock camping trips, this tarp may serve as either an independent shelter or a covered common area, thereby widening its usage further.

Compactness When Stored & Carried Around

As much as it may sound bulky due to its strong build, the Housefly Rain Tarp actually takes up little space. Weighing only 27ozs and packing into a small stuff sack, it was meant to be highly portable. Therefore you should not worry about adding extra weights on your bag during long walks or hikes while having fun outdoors.

Full Protection Against Various Weather Conditions

The Housefly Rain Tarp was designed to shield campers against not just rain but also wind, plus snow, if need be. With doors overlapping, they can be sealed off, creating an enclosed room where everything remains dry throughout the night, even in areas experiencing heavy downpours. All components, including reinforced guy points till reflective guylines, were built with strength and reliability in mind, hence stable enough for use in any camping setting.

By choosing ENO Housefly Rain Tarp for your next adventure; whether short term or long term, you will always find yourself prepared for any outdoor activity that comes your way knowing very well safety and comfort are guaranteed.

Comparing ENO Housefly Rain Tarp with Other Hammock Tarps

Compared to other hammock tarps on the market, there are several key differences between the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp and other hammock tarps. The thing that sets it apart from most traditional ones, though, is how much better suited for different weather conditions it becomes due to its adjustable design as well as overlapping doors, which provide greater versatility. What makes this so special in terms of durability is its ripstop nylon material that’s made from high-quality fibers – something not often found among cheaper alternatives which may lack enough strength against heavy rains or strong winds. Moreover, what these features do instead of adding weight is decrease size when packed away, hence making them lighter while being more robust at the same time. This is perfect for long treks where every gram counts against an adventurer’s back fatigue levels! Another area where it beats regular tarps hands down has got nothing much but everything related to convenience: storage space needed once folded up tightly plus easy transportation thanks mainly to both lightweightness and the compactness factor – all these put together make one unbeatable package which can be carried around without feeling any extra burden whatsoever! That said however what truly takes my breath away about this particular tarp is just how far they’ve gone as regards complete weather defense, starting off from that reinforced guy points leading up onto each corner through reflective guylines, besides many more such refinements, not usually seen in standard designs where only minimum effort seems done towards achieving total waterproofness. Ultimately though, I think another reason why it stands out so much lies behind its name itself i.e., ‘Housefly’; this clearly indicates that apart from providing shelter against rain showers, etc., there must also exist some kinds of insect repellent properties somewhere within these materials used during manufacturing process thus making them ideal companions for camping trips plagued by annoying bugs like mosquitoes among others – now who wouldn’t want such a versatile item? In short, the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp is unique because of its adjustability, strength, and user-friendly design, which make it a must-have for anyone seeking to stay dry in extreme conditions while hammocking outdoors.

The ENO Housefly Rain Tarp Makes Hammock Camping Better — and Here’s Why

I am a fan of hammock camping. So I can tell you that the Housefly Rain Tarp by ENO has changed my camping experience for the better. There are many reasons why this tarp is unique, but here are a few that really stand out:

  1. Flexibility: No other brand or type of rain fly has as many possibilities as the Housefly with its overlapping doors and adjustable features. It doesn’t matter if it’s hot outside or pouring down rain in the middle of night – this tarp can be set up to protect me from any kind of weather and make sure I’m comfortable while doing so. None of the other tarps I own have ever given me this much control over them, making ENOs product revolutionary.
  2. Strength: The Housefly is made out of ripstop nylon, which makes it durable enough to withstand strong winds, heavy rainfall, and even snowfall. Some other brands I’ve used would tear very easily or wear out after only one season; however, because they designed it well this will not happen with this one too quickly. For example, when we were camping last week there was an unexpected rain storm that lasted all night long – luckily ours didn’t leak at all!
  3. Portability: Another thing that amazed me about this particular model was how light weight and small pack size it had. When you’re going on a long hike every ounce counts! This thing packs down into nothing and hardly adds any weight to my pack so it’s perfect for those multi-day treks through the mountains where space is limited anyway.
  4. Weatherproofing: From reinforced guy points to reflective guylines – everything about these tarp’s weather capabilities blew me away. Most good tarps will have certain areas strengthened for when they get tied down tight during bad storms, but none I’ve seen come close to what ENO has done here. I’ve been camping before when, out of nowhere, there was a quick downpour with heavy winds … and let’s just say other brands would not have kept me dry through that one!

So overall, in my opinion the Housefly Rain Tarp does more than just make hammock camping fun; it also makes it safe. With its flexible design, strong materials used for construction, lightweight nature making portability easy as well as excellent weather protection ability there really isn’t anything else like this on the market today – truly setting anew standard within outdoor industry!

What makes the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp different from others like it?

What makes the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp different from others like it?

Diving Deep into the Waterproof Fortress: 1000mm PU Coating and Silicone Impregnated Nylons

The main thing that separates the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp from other brands is its waterproofing system, which includes applying a 1000mm Polyurethane (PU) coating and using silicone-infused nylons. The 1000mm PU coating is durable enough to withstand heavy downpours without letting any water through while still being lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down your pack. This level of waterproofing is crucial for staying dry in bad weather. In addition, treating nylon fabric with silicon makes it stronger and more flexible so tears are less likely to happen if something sharp pokes at the material or someone pulls too hard on an attachment point – all this while keeping weight down!

Dimensions and Design: Understanding the 10’6″ x 8’10” Coverage

With its dimensions measuring 10’6″ x 8’10”, there is no doubt that the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp provides ample coverage. This large size allows you to protect many kinds of hammocks or camp setups without sacrificing space or protection. The expansive coverage area was created with comfort in mind; not only does it fit around your hammock, but it also has additional space for gear storage below that needs to be kept dry when raining outside. They have cutouts strategically placed along these tarps, too, where they should line up against ridgelines so as not to create pockets where water may collect, causing sagging points.

Ensuring Full Protection: Overlapping Doors and Ridgeline for Maximum Shelter

To make sure users stay completely protected from harsh weather conditions outside, two features were added to making each tarp – overlapping doors & ridgeline.

  1. Overlapping Doors: One door just wasn’t enough because it allowed too much wind or rain to get inside. The tarp’s outer door overlaps with an inner door, essentially creating two layers that shield against any weather coming its way. When shut tight, this forms a waterproof seal preventing water from entering, which could cause discomfort when sleeping on damp ground during camping trips, etcetera.
  2. Ridgeline: A ridgeline is what gives a tarp its shape and keeps it tight so water doesn’t collect in the center. It is the topmost part of the tarp that runs horizontally, providing structural support for both sides of the fabric, thereby maintaining tension throughout. When tied correctly, this will ensure no pooling occurs along its surface but instead, allow droplets to slide down easily without causing any leaks through material weakness points such as seams or cord attachment areas. In addition, if there are strong winds blowing across campsite grounds, then having well stretched-out tarps over them would act as windbreaks since wind can’t penetrate tightly secured tarps.

Together these – overlapping doors & secure ridgeline – make sure ENO Housefly Rain Tarps provide maximum shelter for different camping scenarios where protection against various weather patterns should be considered important by outdoor enthusiasts.

Setting Up and Taking Down the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp: An Informative Guide

Setting Up and Taking Down the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp: An Informative Guide

Getting Your Eagles Nest Outfitters Housefly Rain Tarp Ready for Use – Step-by-Step Instructions


  • Gear Check: Verify that you have all of the necessary items – guy lines, stakes, the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp itself, and your hammock.
  • Choosing a Site: Select a campsite with sturdy anchor points (e.g., trees) located at a safe distance away from potential dangers such as falling branches.

Installing the Ridgeline:

  • Anchor Points: Attach one end of the ridgeline to each of two anchor points; ensure tightness while considering how high it should be relative to where your hammock is going to hang.
  • Tighten Up: Employ tensioners or use trucker’s hitch knots (or similar alternatives) in order to adjust tension until desired rigidity/stability along the ridge line is achieved.

Deploying the Tarp:

  • Align and Drape: Spread out this sheet so that one long edge coincides with our chosen ridgeline; let doors hang down and overlap at both its ends which we want enclosed underneath them.
  • Fastening Corners: Take loops situated on corners near ground level (at about 45 degrees from each side edge) through pegs stuck into earth some distance outside tautly stretched fabric’s perimeter using cords tied onto lower grommets then around stakes.

Modifying for Secure Fit:

  • Adding More Guy Lines: Join extra ropes with those already tied off on sides by securing them tightly across the campsite thereby forming a sleek surface area when attached together via mid-sections eyelets before pulling another stake into the ground directly opposite their connection point so as to make sure they are always under good pressure throughout various weather changes – thus keeping everything nice & secure!
  • Overlapping Doors Correctly: Double-check whether flaps are properly covering openings when sealed shut; use more guy lines if required for maintaining such positions and increasing protection against elements’ entry.

Doing the Final Check:

  • Checking Tension: Ensure that every line is taut while stretching out rainfly evenly in order to prevent it from sagging or collecting water.
  • Comfort Adjustments: Adjustments may be made on ridge line height and tightness towards creating a snug setup with maximum resistance of wind plus efficiency in run-off during rains – depending on which direction they are expected to come from.

By following these steps, you will have successfully set up your ENO Housefly Rain Tarp for a safe and comfortable outdoor experience no matter what the weather holds.

From the Yard to the Wild: How To Take and Keep Your ENO Tarp

To maintain its life and performance in different surroundings, you should know how to transport and keep your ENO tarp effectively. These are the steps to follow:

Taking Your ENO Tarp

  • Right Packing:
  1. Clean Before You Pack: Make sure that it is free from dirt and moisture which could lead to mildew or damage while packing.
  2. Fold Compactly: This will reduce bulk in your pack by folding it into small size that fits easily into its stuff sack.
  3. Protective Layer: In case of adverse weather conditions during transportation, use dry bag or any other additional protective layer to keep tarp dry and intact.
  • Weight Distribution:
  1. Centered Position: For even weight distribution across your back while carrying it around, then, position it at the center of gravity inside the backpack.
  2. Accessibility: If there are chances that the tarp may be frequently deployed throughout the journey, always place in an easily reachable part of pack.

Keeping Your ENO Tarp

  • Regular Cleaning:
  1. Mild Soap: Occasionally wash with mild soap and water but avoid strong detergents as they can degrade material composition.
  2. Air Dry Completely: Always make sure that after washing all parts are left open to air dry before storing so as not encourage growth moulds or mildews within them.
  • Routine Inspections:
  1. Check For Damages: Regularly inspect for any signs such as frayed edges or small tears on fabric surface which indicate wearing off then repair immediately when noticed.
  2. Strengthen Seams: Apply seam sealant over seams together with stress points if necessary for longer lastingness since these areas are more prone to tear apart easily than others due to constant pulling during the unfoldment process especially when used frequently outdoors like camping near river banks where there may be heavy rains followed by sunny days afterward creating humidity levels suitable formation fungi between layers causing rotting away of their connections resulting complete disintegration entire structure itself eventually rendering useless irreparable damage beyond recognition forever.
  • Proper Storage:
  1. Dry Place: When not under use for prolonged periods, store it somewhere cool, dry, away from direct sunlight exposure that can cause UV deterioration on its surface, leading to cracking or fading colors used during the manufacturing process.
  2. Loose Packing: Pack loosely instead of tightly packed when storing them away over long duration so they do not lose their original shape and texture forevermore.

By these steps of taking care of it during transportation or while keeping at home, your ENO Tarp will always serve you well wherever it is whether in the backyard or backcountry.

The Ease of Use of Foldable Doors and Additional Ventilation Benefits

An incredible feature of an ENO tarp is stowable doors, which come in handy, especially when the weather is always changing or sometimes there is a need for adjustable ventilation. These doors can be quickly secured open or closed allowing users to modify their shelter according to what elements they are up against. In calm weather, opening these doors will improve air circulation thereby reducing condensation buildup and keeping the inside cozy. On the other hand, closing them during bad weather provides extra protection from wind, rain, and cold, hence creating a safe haven that is well insulated too. This flexibility is reflected in the design of an ENO tarp where convenience meets functionality for various outdoor situations.

Maximizing coziness in the great outdoors: Housefly Rain Tarp hints and suggestions

Maximizing coziness in the great outdoors: Housefly Rain Tarp hints and suggestions

Mixing ENO hammocks with Tarps for the best camping experience

The combination of ENO hammocks and tarps can greatly improve your camping experience by providing comfort, safety, and versatility. When setting up, be sure to hang your ENO hammock between two strong anchor points so that it sits at a comfortable height and is pulled taut. Next, deploy your ENO tarp above the hammock and secure it with guylines and stakes to create a dependable shelter against the elements. This configuration provides maximum coverage, which will keep you dry during rain showers or protect against windburn on blustery days, especially if used along with the tarp’s stowable door features designed for ventilation. Correctly integrating these two pieces of equipment also means that wherever you go outside, there won’t be any worries about what kind of protection from the elements should be taken because everything necessary is right there

Utilizing Overlapping Doors for Ventilation and Sight Lines

How do they increase ventilation?

The use of overlapping doors in your ENO tarp creates better airflow. Here are the specifications:

  • Airflow Management: When the doors are opened partially or fully, it permits fresh air to move around within the tarp which in turn reduces internal humidity as well as condensation.
  • Coverage Control: You can choose different positions for adjusting the amount of venting with these flaps that overlap each other. This feature is very convenient since it enables one to adapt easily when there are changes in weather conditions.
  • Comfort Boost: A well-ventilated shelter is cooler and more comfortable especially during hot days. Good aeration also prevents heat from building up beneath the tarp.
  • Condensation Reduction: Overlapping doors facilitate air circulation thereby minimizing moistures content within the shelter hence creating dry and cozy sleeping environment.

How do you enhance views with overlapping doors?

In addition to ventilating, this type of door design provides for improved visibility during camping trips. Here’s how it works:

  • Adjustable Clarity: There are many ways through which you can set these flaps so that some parts remain clear allowing unobstructed view while others offer enough protection.
  • Ease of Use: When accessibility is easy, users can open them quickly to admire beautiful sceneries or close them tightly if things start getting ugly outside due to bad weather conditions.
  • Perfect Integration: Proper deployment ensures that the structural integrity of a tarp remains intact even after using various positions, thus enabling panoramic sights without any hindrances whatsoever.

To sum up, making good use of the overlapping doors on your ENO tarp enhances both ventilation and sight lines thereby improving overall experience in outdoor shelters.

Advanced Configurations for Covering Yourself from Wind and Rain with a Tarp: An Explanation of Difficulties

When arranging your ENO tarp to cover you from wind and rain, advanced configurations are necessary to optimize protection and comfort. Here are some methods:

  1. Low Pitch: Set up your tarp close to the ground so that it does not catch too much wind or allow rain to be blown underneath; this will also hold in more heat by reducing open space.
  2. Windward Side Down: Lower one side of the tarp on the windward side lower than the opposite side (leeward). This creates an inclined plane that deflects away wind and rain from hitting your shelter.
  3. Proper Anchoring: Secure your tarp using strong anchors like stakes or guylines; ensure all sides are tight and guylines are angled correctly to resist high winds.
  4. Overlap Seams: Arrange seams in such a way that they overlap each other, hence preventing them from being exposed at critical points where they can let water through during heavy downpours accompanied by gusty winds.
  5. Secondary Barriers: Think about adding extra protections such as groundsheets or attaching rain ponchos onto edges of the tarp for better safeguarding against rainwater getting into campsite.

With these higher-level settings, you will shield yourself effectively from extreme weather conditions thereby making your resting place dry and cozy.

Unbeatable Deals: Free Shipping and 30-Day Returns on ENO Housefly Rain Tarp

Unbeatable Deals: Free Shipping and 30-Day Returns on ENO Housefly Rain Tarp

What You Need to Do So As To Access Free Shipping for Your ENO Tarp

The procedure of accessing free shipping for your ENO Housefly Rain Tarp is simple and tailored towards ensuring customer convenience. All you have to do is meet the minimum purchase requirement stated on the ENO website in order to be eligible for free shipping. At checkout, choose “Free Shipping” among the given shipping methods. However, it should be noted that this applies mostly to standard shipping, which might take some extra days when compared with expedited options. Also, keep an eye on seasonal promotions or special events where they may offer free delivery without any minimum purchase required. By following these steps, one can avail themselves of free postage, thus making their purchase more convenient and affordable.

Peace of Mind with 30-Day Returns: Policy Details and Exclusions

The intention behind the design of ENOs’ thirty-day return policy was to give their customers peace of mind while shopping with them. According to this policy all items purchased should be returned within thirty days from when they were received by either asking for a refund or exchanging them with another product from their store. In case you need to return this product kindly contact our customer service department who will provide you with an RA number as well as further instructions about how it should be packaged before sending it back; However, there are a few things that one must note so as not violate such as only new unused items are allowed under this scheme therefore always ensure what you bought is still in its original state otherwise forget about getting any money back. Some other exclusions include final sale goods, which are non-refundable, plus those showing signs of use or damage shall not qualify for replacement besides being responsible for paying transportation charges back unless the wrong item was sent or goods arrived defective.

Broaden Your Scope of Hammocks: Exploring Similar Products and Accessories

Broaden Your Scope of Hammocks: Exploring Similar Products and Accessories

Necessary Accessories: From ENO Hammock Systems to Rain Tarp Add-ons

To say that they are accessories is an understatement. When you expand your hammock system, there are many necessary accessories that can greatly improve the overall experience. There are a number of attachments available from ENO that will work with their hammock systems alone. For extra comfort and versatility, consider using the ENO Atlas Suspension System, it provides a safe and adaptable hanging support for your hammock. If you need protection from dampness, then try out some bug nets like the ENO Guardian Bug Net, which will give you a comfortable, insect-free environment or under quilts such as the ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt. These items not only serve to heighten one’s enjoyment of lounging in hammocks but also prepare them for different settings and weather conditions, thus ensuring that they are convenient and comfortable.bug nets like the ENO Guardian Bug Net, which will give you a comfortable, insect-free environment or underquilts such as the ENO Ember 2 UnderQuilt These items do not only serve to heighten one’s enjoyment of lounging in hammocks but also prepare them for different settings and weather conditions thus ensuring that they have maximum convenience and comfort.

Finding the Perfect Companion Products for Your ENO Housefly Rain Tarp

When considering companion products for your ENO Housefly Rain Tarp, several items stand out to enhance its functionality and your overall hammocking experience. The addition of an ENO Helios Suspension System would be great because it is lightweight yet strong enough so that setting up becomes fast due to adjustability being added into this mix too. Another good thing about this suspension system is its ability to support heavy loads even when used with bigger tarps or other objects like sleeping bags, etc., hence making them more versatile overall. You can also pair the rain tarp with an ENO Talon Ridgeline, which will enable you to conveniently store essential gear as it has integrated storage options, thus allowing for efficient organization. Moreover, if there are cooler nights, then integrating an ENO Vesta TopQuilt would be ideal since they are designed specifically for colder temperatures, meaning that one stays warm without necessarily using extra blankets, etcetera. These products have been created in such a way that they seamlessly work together with the ENO Housefly Rain Tarp, hence providing reliable solutions that can adapt easily within different outdoor environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why should someone have the Housefly™ Rain Tarp by ENO for hammock camping?

A: The Housefly™ Rain Tarp is a game-changer in hammock camping because it has the widest coverage of any ENO rain tarp which means that it can convert your hammock into a house-like shelter where you feel more comfortable. Its waterproofed seams and sides made of nylon provide unmatched protection from weather conditions thereby keeping you warm throughout.

Q: In what ways does the Housefly™ Rain Tarp make getting in and out of a hammock easier?

A: Designed with buckle attachment points on either end, access becomes effortless with the Housefly™ Rain Tarp. Additionally, these are equipped with overlapping doors that allow for easy entry and exit but still keep off more rain and wind than anything else can.

Q: Does the Housefly™ Rain Tarp work with all ENO hammocks?

A: Certainly, the Housefly™ Rain Tarp is compatible with both SingleNest and DoubleNest models thereby giving you part luxury/part rain tarp experience to ensure that your hammock does not become waterlogged during rainy nights hence making it an excellent addition to backpacking gear.

Q: What does the Housefly™ Rain Tarp offer for outdoor relaxation that other products do not?

A: Unique among similar items, this unit features stable doors so that one may bask lazily under cool shades while shutting winter’s nastiness out at will. Its peculiar design together with door overlaps crafted using waterproofed seams strikes the perfect balance between shielding people from elements and allowing natural air circulation necessary for year-round outdoor unwinding.

A: Does the Housefly™ Rain Tarp provide full coverage in extreme weather conditions?

Absolutely! The Housefly™ Rain Tarp is made with nylon sides and waterproof seams for maximum protection. It’s great at keeping rain out, so everything inside stays dry and cozy — it’s like winter never happened.

Q: How does setup/takedown work for the Housefly™ Rain Tarp?

Setting up and taking down your Housefly™ Rain Tarp is super easy, thanks to buckles on both ends of the tarp that let you quickly adjust it — even if you’re setting up camp alone. This makes camping more convenient than ever!

Q: What is ENO’s warranty/return policy on the Housefly™ Rain Tarp?

The warranty period for all Housefly™ Rain Tarps is 2 years, covering any manufacturing defects or failures in materials. Also, products can be returned within 30 days if they don’t meet your satisfaction (exclusions apply). You can find out more about these terms by referring directly to ENO’s warranty and return policies.

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