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PVC Tarpaulin

Best PVC Tarpaulin Suppliers from China

Discover a wide selection of high-quality PVC tarpaulins from TONGYUAN, a reliable supplier based in China. With their durability and versatility, these tarps are perfect for numerous applications. They offer bespoke products that will fit your requirements perfectly. For quality and service, choose TONGYUAN.
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    Introducing PVC Tarpaulin from Tongyuan

    The TONGYUAN PVC Tarpaulin is a high-quality and durable covering solution made from PVC material.

• Tough as nails and suited for anywhere: whether you’re inside or outside, this tarp has got your back.
• Hand me the best! TONGYUAN has something that no one else does and it’s our superior quality tarpaulin.
• You might ask what makes it so special. And if you guessed the technical specs, then gold star for you!
• It may not seem like much at a glance, but this is made with the highest density PVC material on the market.
• Punctures, tears and UV rays are no match for our tarpaulin.
• It’s also designed to be waterproof, so even during heavy rainfall, your belongings will stay dry as a bone.
• Putting holes in tarps can sometimes feel like a chore when they’re too thick but ours have reinforced eyelets that make securing things easier than ever.
• DIY lovers and professionals will find our lightweight design a breeze to work with.
• Hosting an outdoor event? Our tarpaulins can be used to create temporary shelters that protect against rain or shine!

PVC Tarpaulin
PVC Tarpaulin

PVC Tarpaulin for sale

Grab our deal now! We've got a high quality PVC tarpaulin for sale. Our tarp is durable and versatile, perfect for the outdoors. It's also resistant to the weather, so you don't have to worry about it wearing out. Don't waste your time with any other offers. Get your hands on this top-notch PVC tarpaulin at a great price!

0.55 Mm Pvc Tarpaulin
The 0.55 mm PVC tarpaulin is one tough cookie. It’s durable, it’s weather resistant – all the good stuff. This material is commonly used for outdoor covers, tents, banners, and other protective purposes. It’s the superhero of outdoor applications because it can handle harsh weather conditions like you wouldn’t believe! And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s also great with wear and tear and UV exposure. Seriously though, how does it do it? We’d love to know!
Size 5mx4m or customized
Material 0.55 Mm PVC Tarpaulin
Customized Logo Acceptable
1000d Pvc Tarpaulin
1000D PVC tarpaulin can be a vital tool in many industries. It can be used to create weather-resistant covers, tents, banners and signage. With its strong tensile strength, it provides long-lasting protection from the elements. UV rays, rain and wind are all kept at bay with this tough material. The waterproof properties make it a great candidate for transportation protection or even temporary shelters. Another bonus is that it is extremely easy to maintain on top of already being really flexibl...
Outdoor, Outdoor-Tent, Outdoor-Awning, Outdoor-Industry
Weight 220gsm-2400gsm
500d Pvc Tarpaulin
Need something long-lasting? The 500D PVC tarpaulin is perfect for outdoor covers and industrial use. It’s waterproof, keeps the sun out, and can handle anything nature throws at it. It’s also incredibly easy to clean. Perfect for those projects that need a sturdy hand.
Weight: 260gsm-680gsm(7oz-20oz)
Composition: 87.89% PVC film; 12.11% Knit fabric
600d Pvc Tarpaulin
600D PVC tarpaulin is a super strong and waterproof material found in many different things. It's often used for outdoor covers, tents, banners, and protective equipment because it’s so tough and hard to rip. Each roll is made to withstand lots of use through UV resistance, making it great for commercial or residential needs. Best part? It's totally flexible and easy to clean.
Material 100% Polyester
Use Car, Toy, Upholstery, Other
Clear Pvc Tarpaulin
Durable and versatile, Clear PVC Tarps are perfect for outdoor use. Whether it’s a tent or an awning, these tarps will get the job done! They provide weather protection while letting in natural light. Greenhouses and event planners swear by them. No need to worry about dirt or stains — they’re easy to clean too!
Size 1.01-3.2m*50m
Weight 240-710g /sqm
Heavy Duty Pvc Tarpaulin
Versatile and tough as nails, Heavy Duty PVC Tarpaulin is suitable for all sorts of uses. This material can withstand the weather and doesn’t wear easily, so it’s perfect for protecting goods during transit or even building a temporary shelter. If you’re worried about cleaning and cost, don’t be. It couldn’t be easier to keep up with maintenance on this tarp, plus its price tag won’t break the bank!
Width 1.5--3.2m
Density 18*18,20*20
Feature Water-proof

PVC Tarpaulin Technical Specifications

FeatureStain Repellent
UseSwimwear; Covering, Trucks, Camping, Tents
Supply TypeMake-to-Order
Yarn CountWEAVE
Place of OriginShandong, China
Product TypeOther Fabric
Brand NameTY-TARP
Model NumberTY-TARP-BW002
Packaging Details(1) Each piece in a poly bag with leaflet, several pieces in bale/carton. (2) Tarpaulin roll: single roll with paper core, wrapped in the same tarpaulin sheet.
PortQingdao port, China
Supply Ability1000 Ton/Tons per Month
Discover the versatility and durability of PVC tarps in industries like construction, agriculture, and disaster relief. Learn why they are crucial for operational efficiency and safety in various conditions.
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    TONGYUAN's Pvc Tarpaulin Benefits

TONGYUAN’s PVC tarpaulin is not just your average heavy duty weathproof plastic. This stuff can withstand some serious punishment.

• It’s absurdly waterproof and can protect assets from moisture and water damage in the midst of a hurricane, twister, or significant rainstorm.

• The way it is constructed allows it to handle extreme temperatures without effecting its durability. So you can rely on it in various climates all year round.

• It’s highly resistance to chemicals and UV radiation so enjoy that color while you can.

• You could drag this stuff through hell and back and expect it to come out strong. Meaning it has very high abrasion and tear strength.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know more about PVC Tarpaulin

Q: What are the unique properties of PVC vinyl tarpaulin?

A: Tear up, tear up. Durable and strong, this vinyl is no pushover. The weather can do its worst because it’ll be fine. All those UV rays will slide right off. This material’s an all-arounder, good for indoor and outdoor. You won’t find a stronger material unless you’re making a boat or something like that. And even then… Waterproof is the name of the game and it’s also flame retardant to boot! Perfect for all your needs!

Q: Can PVC tarpaulin fabric be used for indoor applications?

A: Oh, absolutely! PVC tarp or tarp fabric can totally be used indoors. It’s super flexible and dense—perfect for curtains, banners, and shade materials inside buildings. The shiny look of it can really add some pizzazz to any space. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dust or scratches dulling its style.

Q: How is knife coated PVC tarpaulin superior to other tarpaulins?

A: Knife covered tarpaulin is known to be better because of its outstanding durability and strength. It’s waterproof with a layer of PVC that coats a high-density poly mesh material which makes it stronger and much more difficult to rip. In the end, you’re rewarded with a very high-quality tarpaulin, perfect for truck covers, inflatable products, and industrial curtains.

Q: What are the benefits of using PVC film in tarpaulin production?

A: The PVC stuff is exactly why you can trust and depend on tarpaulin to be waterproof and UV resistant. It’s like a superpower that allows the material it’s used in to withstand the harshest conditions and keep your things safe—be it from nature or a bad roof. In addition to being tough, it also doesn’t wear down. So don’t worry about using it too much because with this stuff, you might not have to buy another set for years.

Q: In what ways can mesh fabric enhance the functionality of PVC tarpaulin?

A: Mixing mesh fabric with PVC tarpaulin makes air flow and water passing through the material possible. Because of this, it’s great for things that needs either of the two. If made into lawn and garden covers, moisture can escape while also saving covered items from getting wet in the rain or scorching in the sun. Another desirable trait is its toughness, when you combine it with mesh fabric It gains resistance against tears and flexibility.

Q: Why should I choose PVC tarpaulin for my heavy-duty requirements?

A: The PVC tarpaulin is perfect for the hard jobs, made to be a man and a machine. Flame retardant, with excellent tensile strength and UV resistance. It truly can take a beating and still look brand new. From harsh weather conditions to physical wear it will not let you down. With whatever job you have in mind this tarp can take it. With its durable build its good for any task from industrial to agricultural to recreational use!

Q: How can I get more information or place an order for PVC tarpaulin?

A: If you need more, don’t fret. just reach out to us, if it’s info you need or an order for PVC tarpaulin. We offer a huge option of tarpaulin solutions, our team is ready to aid you with expert advice and competitive prices. So, tell us what you want, and we’ll give you the best options available.

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